Good Evening My AngelSewing Tribe!

Ok .. I have never made a sock monkey before, I have seen them around for years and have always wanted to make my own little collection of them as I think they are ‘sewwwwww’ cute! ‘Sew’ as a result of my urge to own my own little guy.. I decided to jump at a spare couple of hours to create at least one.. the result .. I am totally in love!! He was a lot more ‘fiddly’ than I originally assumed but easy enough 🙂 (I still actually have to just give him an adorable little smile line – ran out of ‘nap’ time! It’ll be added at a later date)

Check out my cute little guy!! ⇓   ⇓   ⇓

Stripey Sock Monkey
Stripey Sock Monkey

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