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❤ Your Greatness Is Not What You Have, It Is What You Give ❤

I know a very special lady who is focused on giving so much love to others in her life that I believe she deserves a little surprise that is all for just her.

Debbie recently surprised her entire family with a basket of hearts for her beautiful late daughters 30th birthday party – so I decided to surprise her also..

In secret I made one very special large heart out of the clothes Debbie had expressed were her favourite from her daughter Kimmy’s clothing and once it was complete I surprised her with it 

I am pleased to say that she was so very happy and couldn’t wait to show all the family.


Debbie you are an amazing woman a truly inspirational beauty.

♦ The Secret To Living Really Is Giving ♦ Giving Is The Greatest Act Of Grace ♦ No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving ♦ Give Generously ♦

Debbie's Special Heart
Debbie’s Special Heart



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