Good Morning My AngelSewing Tribe!

‘Sew’ most Mumma’s & Dadda’s will know how daunting your baby’s first hair cut is!! I have been putting it off for weeks .. probably months if I am honest .. therefore I decided it was time.. I did it myself ‘sew’ I could take all the time needed to complete the unsettling task .. I started with my hairdressing scissors and a tiny comb.. Bear-Theodore was far too interested in the scissors for me to accurately cut anything and I was very nervous about catching anything other than his hair! (I really like him with both his ears!) ‘Sew’ I moved over to the hair clippers and thought I could give that a go and to my surprise he sat so still and let me do the whole lot!! Not a worry at all.. But .. now he looks ‘sew’ grown up!! Love him  ⇓   ⇓   ⇓

Bear-Theodore Haircut
Bear-Theodore Haircut







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